How to choose a good translation agency - part 1

On the market there are many agencies and offices offering translations. Just search online and Translation Magazines. What separates the good from the bad ones? What should you take into consideration while deciding on a proper translation agency? Quality The decisive... Read more


Features of a good translator - part 2

Knowledge of the translation process Not all the difficulties in translation business are associated with poor language skills, or lack of technical expertise. Sometimes we are faced with dilemmas related to the translation process. What to do when the text appears... Read more


Features of a good translator - part 2

Knowledge of a language cannot be separated from the knowledge of the culture associated with it. It is worth to know the literary canon of the country, popular songs, poems for children, or more or less know something about politics, current events, television programs ... of... Read more


Features of a good translator - part 1

Anyone who loves to learn foreign languages probably thought about becoming a translator. Today’s article is prepared for the benefit of all who dream of working in that profession. I invite to read also all of those who chose a completely different way, but would like to... Read more



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