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How to choose a good translation agency - part 1

19 marca 2015

On the market there are many agencies and offices offering translations. Just search online and Translation Magazines. What separates the good from the bad ones? What should you take into consideration while deciding on a proper translation agency?


The decisive factor in choosing a translation agency is quality. While there are many agencies that offer the lowest prices on the market, be aware that for a poor translation you will pay many times and in many ways. Every time someone reads this translation, your company will be shown in a bad light. So how do we know that this agency with whom you decide to work cooperate, provides the best quality? Below are some questions you should ask:

How does the agency  choose their translators? What qualifications the translators have? What is their experience?

A translator working on your order should be professionally educated and have a good knowledge of the area covered by the order. If you need legal services, make sure that the translator has a registered business. However, the experience is much more important than a formal education. Sometimes the best translators do not have a degree in translation. Translator should translate only into their native language and the best to live in a country where the language is used. Take note of the fact that translations are checked (subject to adjustment) by a native speaker.

How to make sure of the quality of the translation?

Is the translation subject to a proofread? It should be always like that unless a translation is to be used within the company, or you have someone who could provide such a translation check. A good agency also has a strict quality management system, the translators are subject to selection.