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How to choose a good translation agency - part 3

19 marca 2015

Translation memory?

This is becoming increasingly important and many agencies use these systems. Translation memory is a database used by the so-called software for computer-aided translation (CAT). This program analyses the translation that the translator had already done. When the translator translates the following text, the program searches the database and verify if such sentence has been previously translated. If so, the program inserts a sentence already translated in the text. A good agency will check it to make sure that the context is correct, but you do not have to pay twice for the same translation. When updating your documents, or you have a number of similar documents to translate, you can save hundreds of dollars. However, this should not be compared to the translation of a translation by the program or the computer. All translations are physically performed by humans.


When choosing a translation agency price is of secondary importance. Remember that in the end you will pay a lot for a poor translation, which theoretically costs less. You are risking a loss of credibility and reputation of the company, and this cannot be measured.