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How to choose a good translator?

19 marca 2015

Translations from foreign languages ​​are becoming increasingly important element of the work of many companies. An increasing number of companies are operating in the export or import, or cooperates with foreign partners, what of course require the translation of many documents. Private customers are also using the services of translators, because of the need to translate documents to travel abroad, but also letters, including e-mails. Depending on the complexity of the text, you can decide to us the services of some other translators.

Before you choose a company that deals with the translation or a translator you must first determine what is to be the quality of the translation. In the case of a simple translation of the text, every person fluent in a foreign language can take care of it. This is quite different in the case of a communication in companies, which must be translated by professionals, who also have good language skills connected with the industry in which the company operates.

translation agency

Nowadays you can find translators via the Internet without too much trouble. On the websites of translation companies you can find a range of translation services and available languages in which a company or translator perform the translations. As part of the website you can check whether the translator is able to perform a sworn translation or whether only specializes in translations of simple texts. On the sites of the translators you can also check out their portfolio, which allow you to find out what kind of translations a translator did in the past. You can also check the recommendations, which a company or a translator received. It is also important to get familiar with the price list of services.