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How to choose a suitable translator

19 marca 2015

A good translator, apart from high language competence should also have the ability to learn fast and comprehensive knowledge or a good orientation in their area of ​​expertise: legal, business, technical or scientific translations. Good knowledge of a foreign language does not mean that someone who is fluent for example in English will translate technical description of the technology or equipment - especially if he has trouble understanding this description in his native language. Therefore, before submitting the order of translation it is worth to ask the translator in which field of specialization he excels. Another thing is that a good translator must be a person that the both sides trust. Especially when of a good understanding of the parties depends on whether the two sides will sign a satisfactory agreement or not. For the interpretation services I would recommend to select the translator of neat and pleasing look. In the case of interpretation we should also ask how often the translator goes abroad to improve his accent and learn about the language.